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about us

Evrosilk was established in 1987 in Greece and in 2001 a branch was established in The Czech Republic. It has only one owner, Christos Bantianidis.

Evrosilk specializes in the planting of mulberries, silkwormrearing, following the processing of cocoons, selling silkworm eggs, selling mulberry trees, selling and buying cocoons and selling machines in connection with the above mentioned activities (modern automatic machines for silkworm rearing, drying machines for fresh cocoons, complete reeling lines, rapier looms and so on).

Evrosilk is the owner of a patent of innovative technology for rearing good quality cocoons.

Mr Christos Bantianidis is also the President of the Greek Organization of Cocoon producers in the Evros region, he is a member of D.E.SI.ME.S (silk municipality company) and last but not least he is also a member of the Executive Commitee of BACSA (Black and Caspian silk organization).

From 1995 Evrosilk has been a supplier of silkworm eggs for Greek producers. Evrosilk participated in many European and world projects. (see  projects).